A Poetically Incorrect welcome post.

“If it doesn’t work horizontally as prose,

This quote is the inspiration behind this blog’s name and a lot of other things in my life.
To be here..it doesn’t matter if you are poetically incorrect or not. Doesn’t even matter if you are poetic, to be frank. If you respire, if you’ve created a carbon footprint (both of which are certain if you’re reading this) then you are a poet in your own sense. Everyday, every minute that you live, you create the stimuli for a string of words that, someday, will weave themself into a lyrical beauty some may call poetry, others song. The way you curve your lips into a smile, the sharp tip of your nose, the eyes you safely encapsulate a million dreams in, the hands tired from carrying on the random routines of existence, the legs only ever moving forward with the fluidity of your thought. Your every action is reason for celebration. And what better celebration than immortalizing that moment. And what better way of immortalizing than painting a picture with words? For it will not change with the dynamics of your growth into something else for someone else to immortalize in a pictue of words.
But some may say its incorrect to write more and live less. Then dont! Live more. Live each moment more deliberately. But write one word more than that. Write as much as you can. Dont worry if it is wrong. If it really is, All you’ll have is The Life of The Poetically Incorrect.

Carpe Diem.


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