My Two year old Soulmate.

What is a Soulmate really?
If this concept is born out of any conclusive evidence and has some real significance in a person’s life then it must be defined by some words or pictures or just imaginary lines passing through and dissecting nothing in particular. There must be boundaries you can’t cross with it like all other concepts we ever conceived.

Let’s take the existence of a supreme power for instance. We’ve managed to set boundaries for the Almighty as well. Very cleverly we cage his being in hollow words like christian, hindu, muslim, buddhist, karma, destiny, idol worship, scriptures, religions, pilgrimages, offerings, prayers, temples, mosques, churches, monasteries, believers, followers, atheists and if at all there exists an immortal being he is suffocating beneath layer after layer of false idea and storytelling.

So in our mad obsession with putting everything in convenient categories and deflated definitions how did we spare Soulmate? Or is it that difficult for us to put our faith in anything not written about in books, anything men clad in white robes who fancy calling themselves saints do not say out aloud to a room full of unsuspecting people on a sunday morning?

For if there is a line one mustn’t cross or a rule one must follow, then tell me now. Stop me before its too late. Before I cross over to the unacceptable.

Because there is a little man all of two who understands me better than any grown men or women I’ve ever known, even better than my own sibling and parents for that matter. And he is not even biologically my own.
If effortless spontaniety and telepathic capabilities are anything to go by, we are two identities but only one person. If you know someone you are naturally attuned to, you understand what I am trying to say.
I twitch a muscle and he knows. He learns a new word and I know it before he decides to stage a grand scene in front of 20 people, surprise them and then indulge in the applause that follows. He refuses to speak on the phone despite innumerable efforts from both his parents. Surprisingly, my ex has been spending a lot of phone credit on “boy talk” with him. Just yesterday he started sitting the way I do. Legs crossed and hands uncomfortably flinging from one side to another in an odd fashion.
His mother tells me that somedays he wakes up in the middle of the night and all he asks for is me- his aatya (marathi for aunt).
I swear I saw a tint of jealousy flicker across her eyes as she said that. But that doesn’t matter. Because there is a little man she got into this world and I can’t care less if its wrong to say this..He is the other half I was seperated from in some world all those years ago only to be reunited.
And wordly principles can’t touch this and corrupt its pristine self.
Nothing can take away from me My two year old Soulmate.


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