The Voices in my Head

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The voices in my head
Are so loud today.
They’re screaming out to
The world and on their way
They’re infecting little corners
of my heart.
They’re defeating all emotion.
They’re tearing me apart.

And They’re casting
dark shadows,
that blind all my senses.
Their unperturbed flow,
Drowning all desires.

I run,
To a very silent place.
But the voices,
That does not erase.
I shut my eyes.
I hide my face.
But wherever I go
The voices chase,
After me.

I left them behind
a couple of times
Only to know better.
They’re still in my mind.

And now I think
They’ll burst out
Of my head.
And soak the entire
universe wet.
They just went
Silent instead.


7 thoughts on “The Voices in my Head

  1. No poetry shouldn’t be explained. What you want to say is what you say but I may read something different in it. Your words may inspire me to write my own interpretation.

    BTW I enjoyed your poem and your entry on being a vegetarian. I’m so ready to give up meat. Not just from your essay but because of the news and all the additives in beef.

    • I would love to read your interpretation as well.

      And Thanks for stopping by to read my blog 🙂

      I wrote a paper for my oncology class sometime last year and guess what I found? Eating beef purchased from supermarkets or any kind of packaged meat increases the risk of atleast 3 forms of cancer by 20%
      So on your stance to go vegetarian,
      Way to go 😀 Its a step only the brave can take. All the best with it.

      • I know especially when I love meat so much. I’m staying away from the beef. There was a report on the news last week that they are putting waste like bones and fat. They clean it with ammonia and add food coloring and put it in the ground beef. yuck!!

    • Uh.. That was sort of the whole point of this poem. When I thought they’d burst out and soak the entire universe wet, they went silent.
      I am of the opinion that poetry should never be explained so I wont try to give out what I meant when I wrote this. Every person should form their own opinion about it. But, that was the whole point.

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