You and She.

You put me on a shelf.
You kept me to yourself.
I am yours
You are mine.
And Together we can walk miles.
Now you are here
and I am there.
Those house long streets
That you walk,
That’s where I belong
And you belong here.

You put me on a line
You hung me out to dry.
Now you are lost,
And we are here
I am yours
Coz you were mine.
And those deep brown eyes
that you flaunt,
That’s where I belong
And you belong to here.

I can write a page
Or a thousand then
And spread them here
To lose myself.
And those lovely dreams
that you live,
That’s where I belong
And you belong here.

Now you are lost
But we will be found.
Swallowed in the sea.
And those arms that caress
your salty tears,
That’s where I belong
And you belong here.

I could write a song
A hundred miles long.
Just spread it around
To drown myself.
Now you are lost
in the summer sweat.
Now we here
but no where.
But we will be found
Not swallowed in the sea.

You cut me down to size
And opened my eyes.
That cozy chair that
you’ve laid,
That’s where I belong
And you belong here.

Now you are lost
And we are here.
But one day you’ll
be found.
Alas! Inside this heart.
And that lonely walk
that you take,
That’s where I belong
And you belong here..
With the girl you love,
With her.

And I belong to solitude.


9 thoughts on “You and She.

  1. Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    More inner beauty for the thegirlnextgalaxy over at the blog: “The Poetically Incorrect”. I wish I could write poetry. But since i cannot, I live through the poetic words of others… Ms. thegirlnextgalaxy.

      • Good morning, Ms. The Girl Next Galaxy…or is it evening there? I think I shall call you Ms. Galaxy….your smile lights up the heaven. I hope you enjoy a wonderful evening in India.

        • Hello, you 🙂
          Its 3 in the noon and I just took a lunch break.
          Thank you so so much. I was fishing for compliments when I put my gravatar pic up 😀
          A Good day (or night?) to you too.

          PS: My name is Aakanksha or Sherry for friends and family but you can continue calling me Ms. Galaxy 🙂 I like how it sounds.

          • Your fishing trip was and is a success. Ms. galaxy fits you like a snug soft leather glove. It is 4:36 am here in Venice Florida. That smile is exactly what I needed to lift my spirits.

            You are stunningly gorgeous. Enjoy your return to work, Ms. Galaxy, and please keep smiling.

      • Then Ms. Galaxy it is 🙂
        You live in Venice? I used to dream of moving to Venice when I retire. Just unwinding at the beach by moonlight and writing by day. Its the perfect place for that.

        And I shall keep smiling 🙂 You’ve given me too many reasons to.

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