Fair Vanity or Self Love?


What is your take?


8 thoughts on “Fair Vanity or Self Love?

  1. Problem is, Marilyn didn’t really believe that, I think (the original quote, of course). She was pretty insecure. Also I’m uncertain about the word “proud”. I can be proud of something immediate I’ve done well – for example, to find my way over some rough, difficult country to the point I was seeking (without GPS, no cheating) but I don’t even feel proud of writing a good poem, just happy that it’s written, and I don’t want to be either proud or ashamed of being me.

    • She may have been insecure but she was a woman well aware of her beauty and charm. And she put it to use in all the right places.
      The reason I posted this here was, a lot of people consider Marilyn vain and self-centered..to the point of being self-obsessed. I just want to know if a woman is proud of things she has done in life (which may not just be something immediate) then is she being vain by acknowledging that or just in love with herself.

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