The Things I din’t say to my best friend.

The affable strength,
It is nonchalant within.
The affinity lasting a length,
It is hypothetically fading.

The errant ways,
Never to face isolation.
The unsparing gaze,
Never will it near constriction.

The better side of you,
Not so good with me.
The best things we’d do
Together with glee.

The glibbest of conversations
Or the muffled tattles.
The take off,blow-by-blow, actions
Or the silent considerations.
The ‘zari’, ‘satin’,’polka’,
And zest filled servings.
The ‘lippie’, ‘clutch’,’kohl’,
And rogish discussions.

The trying-to-be-geeky times,
Post exam reaction.
The forced treats
Post blacklist declaration.

The planning of elopes,
Which now sound embryonic.
The sharing of silly secrets,
Which are now left unclad.

The learning of essentials
In the bargain.
The-left behind time essentials
In this sea of confusion.

The arm wrestling sessions,
Complete with distractions.
The elite backbench-er stereotypes,
Complete with the duty assignations.

The summer on a rock hill,
Oh! Those must have cuisines.
The Baskin Robbin bill,
Oh! The hole burned in thy jeans.

I remember,

All this and a lot more.

Cause we were bestys, duh! Image


14 thoughts on “The Things I din’t say to my best friend.

      • Loved your writing….as always. You have such depth and insight into life and especially love, but life itself.

        How are you this evening?

        • Leave a sampling of those comenmts up Sonic – let them condemn themselves out of their own mouths. If they want to show themselves up as a bunch of slatternly propagandists and so-called intellectuals, who pontificate about “freedom” while they steal and rob and loot for political advantage let them. If they want to pubblicly spit on the grieving families of terrorist victims wherever they may be let them spit. All they’re doing when they try to drown out everybody but their own authoritarian voice is further outrage decent people. Let them. They’re setting themselves up to discover just how nasty decent people can get when basic human morality is repeatedly outraged.

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