How I lost my Virginity.

Good. Now that I have your complete attention let me get to the point of this post which has nothing to do with my virginity or any event even remotely related to it.
Let me see if you continue to read this with as much attention now that I have put all my cards on the table.

Human Beings.

We evolved into our present form after millions of years of energy expending, directional evolutionary process. It was not by chance that our common ancestor with the chimpanzee lost all his body hair in a forest fire. It was not a lucky fluke that we started walking erect. Our pollex or digitus primus (the opposable thumb on our forelimb) was not a chance modification. Our brain capacity did not increase overnight in a random fashion.
It was years and years and more years of genetic labor. Walking erect was essential to performing hunting functions so was the development of a pollex without which we could not have made and operated any tools.

Tribe Habit. Civilization. Hunting. Gathering. Creating. Changing. Evolving. Rejecting. Rebuilding. Instilling. Splicing. Agriculture. Social awareness. Lighting up a fire. Cooking. Covering up with animal hide. Caving.
An endless list of events that are responsible for our now advanced and sophisticated form.

98.9% of our DNA is the same as that of a Chimp.
That is how close we are.

We keep chimps in our fancy labs to study. They respond by putting up a show for a banana treat. We’ve created parthenocarpy varieties of banana. And the chimps put up a show for a banana treat.

That is how far we’ve come.

Such a waste of precious paleontological time if you ask me. All that time and natural resource could have been put to making more varieties of insects instead. Yes, that would certainly be the wise thing to do. Were I to re-write evolution, the story and the process, Human race would not exist.

There should be no place in the ecosystem for an organism that will not be called a predator but will hunt beings down and turn them into stylish handbags. Not even to eat them and survive. But to wear as an accessory! How is the bollworm wrong then if it eats cotton bolls to survive? But oh! We kill the bollworm by perforating its gut! Get that, PERFORATING ITS GUT. Making a million tiny holes in it so that the gut bursts and the little bollworm dies. We do not even have the excuse of survival. Just effortless and self-imposed superiority.

If you are going to argue that survival of the fittest is the nature’s law then stop and think. Are you really the fittest? You with your diseases and stresses and obsessions and complexes. Are you really even superior to the may fly that lives all for 24 hours but without questioning its superiority or imposing it on beings?
And what is fitness? Darwin thinks it is leaving behind more progeny. Reproductive fitness. The Rabbit beats you to it.
Is it being stronger? The sharks and tigers and snakes and elephants are.
Is it being self-sufficient? Only the plants are.
Is it being more intelligent? The banyan tree that has stood for a hundred years and the rivers that continue to flow after hundreds are.
Is it about standing the test of time? The algae have.

No, we are not the fittest and we should not survive.
We have turned millions of years of evolutionary process into war, destruction, hurt, deforestation, hatred, calamity, power hunger, control, demolition, annihilation, obliteration, devastation.

Zilch. Zero. Nada.
We began with nothing and we are making sure we end with it.

Don’t tell me I am a misanthrope. That is another word you have created because you think you are important enough to be hated. In its anticipation, you devised a word for it.
Don’t tell me I am a churl. I speak the truth. I will not try to please you because you  are not the god of all things to be pleased and buttered for favors.

You want to know what all those years of evolution have brought? Immediate attention and focus when you get the slightest hint that a person is going to reveal how they successfully mated for the first time. My virginity is more important to some people than the doom we’re diving head first into.
For your information, even our common ancestor with the chimp got excited about mating calls or any indication of them. We should have stopped right there.

Enough said.


17 thoughts on “How I lost my Virginity.

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  3. Thapad padega next time!

    I think its how we humans are, we exploit everybody for our own good. We can’t live without exploiting, the other 2.1% of our genes is “Exploit”.

  4. i wont lie
    for a moment there my heart stopped beating
    and then i read the first lines and *whew*…

    overall i agree with you ( like i would risk getting dead over something as petty as human evolution.nope 😛 )
    human beings have evolved to become the ultimate virus
    they prey on their surroundings and when all resources are sucked clean they shift base
    and our greatest ‘achievement’ is the creation of instruments of war so deadly that a nuclear winter almost sounds like fun. we are the only species hell bent on killing ourselves off.
    even viruses don’t do that
    and i believe that we can all be united to save ourselves only if there is situation bad enough (like an alien invasion)
    apparently our own annihilation is not an issue worth spending time on.

    • Haha. I expected this title to have that effect on people who know me personally 😛
      And you don’t have to agree with me to stay alive. Just compliment ten times a day 😉

      Yes, Alien invasion would work. Certainly. We have made too many movies in its anticipation to go wrong .

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  6. Well, I was interested in the real post and the fake one. What you’ve written is very powerful, a Phillipic. I’m not quite that pessimistic. I do despair that my species is creating a great extinction event. I’m not convinced that human intersts should always come before those of other species. Yet we create great art, are capable of acts of great love, reach to God and listen. There is still hope for us. My poem “Callanish: Winter Solistice” expresses that – anguish but some hope.

    You have missed out one major influence on our evolution which explains why all that evolving was worth it. Two massive advantages we have over chimps, two of the things that make us human, are the ability to throw things accurately overarm and the ability to strike things with a clubbing motion without losing hold of the club. Chimps throw things inaccurately underarm and while they do use clubs, generally lose hold of the club after just one blow. Scientists suggest that these two abilities were related to our need to drive off predators and kill prey, but it is clear to me that their purpose is to enable us to play cricket.

    Why Americans have evolved is then a bit of a mystery.

    • To Play Cricket indeed 😛 Indians and British live to play/watch/talk about cricket. The purpose of our evolution is now clear. 😀
      I love the perceptive you give to everything.

      And yes, there is still hope. I am a true believer in the power of love and hope. I survive on love. I do believe we will someday wake up to this harsh reality and stop hurting and destroying everything around us.
      I am not a pessimist either, not even close. More of an optimist really. This was just that one passionate, angry post. Happens once every while.

      Americans evolved to make Facebook and Google. 😀

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