3 thoughts on “I believe in Fairy Tales, do you?

  1. Just an absolutely wonderful quote. I think that is the great thing about imagination: it may not always be realistic, but it challenges our notions of what is possible. By imagining, we push the bounds of the reasonable. So glad I found this!

  2. Reblogged this on kenthinksaloud and commented:
    Just back from Darjeeling and a ton of catching up to do – including writing and reading a load of blog posts. Here’s a repost from a new one I’ve found that I really love! Short and sweet so no excuse not to read it – check out the blog too if you have time. New post coming from me soon – just as soon as I get the novel finished I promise! Almost there!🙂

  3. I’ve seen this comment before and Chesterton’s quotes are always brilliant. I’m glad to be reminded of it and, in fact, I’m going to reblog this on my site – I think my readers need to read this too! Best wishes🙂

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