When Man met Time: A Conversation.

Picture Courtesy: Fine Art America


Can your eyes see the unreal? Like wind that is but only ever felt, never imprinted at the back of your eye. Just fleeting over your iris like an ominous thought, never too sure to enter.
Can you understand that which is not to be understood? Can you undo that which was never done?
To make the clock’s hands move forward but preserve each second in a drop of saline water and forever drown your mortal self in its enveloping, almost morbid, stillness- yet so dynamic that it seems unreal, invisible and undone the same.

How dare you bring this thought home along with your hands stained in blood and shoes dripping wet in dirt.

To trace your footsteps on sand that has moved since. Just like the clock that never stopped to breath.
To ask the lonely grain of dirt swept away, into your eye by the careless wind if it ever felt your feet and the tired longing of your soul. And ask another still. Then piece their stories together and cover the odd gaps with your own patched memory. Bring the picture to life on a digitzed canvas standing in thin air without any apparent support, your retina. Dont say a word. Only speak in your head, if you must. I can hear you that way.
And whenever the picture is complete, Place the origin of now. Of this unreal stop. The beginning of an end. The end of a beginning.

Will you be able to live through it over again? With the knowledge of what it comes to? Oh the misery of being caged in a prison of your own unfruitful, powerless enlightenment. Should it kill you before your death catches up or Should it make you immune to mortality. A timeless thing. Like the thought. Yes.
Forever preserved in a drop of Saline water. Drowning some mortal identity in its boiling stillness.

You went to look for your purpose on the sands of time. You saw what was not to be seen. You understood what was rendered meaningless eons back. You undid what was never done. You disturbed the perfectly harmonic pandemonium time had created with such caution. And something warned you but you let your serpentious tongue slip out all secrets in the open.

Decide now.
Do you really want to know your purpose? Do you really want to take all uncertainty and ignorance out? Are you ready to be held responsible for every action without a destiny to put the blame on?
Are you ready to give up being human?


4 thoughts on “When Man met Time: A Conversation.

    • I am sorry if it sounds like a flat, blunt note. I just wanted to express that is the demand time placed on man. Because that is how time is. Always in a hurry. Expecting instantaneous decisions. So when man questioned time and asked it to stop.. Time played this trick on him.
      I dont believe in explaining poetry or prose because everyone should see it in their own perceptive. So I wont say anymore.

      Hope you liked the rest of it, though 🙂
      Thanks for reading.

    • Thank you 🙂

      Unreal? Isn’t everything unreal? An illusion. Birth, Life, Death, Rebirth. Just an illusion to veil some greater truth.
      But unreal is nothing. Deeming something unreal is just unrealistic.
      Maybe time can answer.

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