A New Theme and An Idea. Suggestions?

I changed my Blog’s theme today(like that is not evident!)

From Flowery white and pink (Chataue) to


monochromatic black and neon (Monochrome)

A very long leap, I’d say. Its like I deserted a log cabin by the stream in some small town in Europe you can’t locate on the map and shifted to a studio apartment on the upper east side of Manhattan overnight.

Now, Is the change from a serene, ,uncomplicated country life to a fast, eventful big city life good? That is one debate I do not want to engage in.
But what I do want to know is:
Is this change good? Please let me know through your comments if this theme suits my blog and its content better than the previous one and is easier to navigate through or not.
There was such great variety to choose from that my mind suffered a minor “not -responding -due – to – overload”. So I chalked down my requirements and it boiled down to this.
Do you like it? Is it boring and plain? Hate it? Please do let me know.
I can revert back to the previous theme or get another one.
You can also suggest a theme if you have one in mind.

Moving on,
I also conceived an idea.
One look at my tag cloud will tell you that there is a single topic center piece to all my writes.. LOVE. And I want that to change. Because consistency, to the point of stagnation, is just not me. Now whenever I write something, I just pick a pen and paper or my mobile and start writing/ typing into it without a clear direction. I just go with the flow and usually end up with something very far from what I may have wanted in the first place.
So, Here is what I thought I will do to help both the repetitive theme problem and the all-over-the-place problem.
I request you, all of you, to give me a few words or themes you want to see me write about. It can be anything you find appropriate or interesting. I will, then, compile a list of 60 such themes/words and write on two everyday over the next one month.
This will ensure that I have something to write about everyday AND do not wander about directionlessly and end up nowhere AND write things that you’d like to read.
Please do leave a few suggestions for the same in the comments.
Thank you in anticipation πŸ™‚

Hope you’re all doing well. The weekend is almoooost here! Got any special plans? Feel free to share. πŸ˜€

Keep spreading the love.
Carpe Diem.


13 thoughts on “A New Theme and An Idea. Suggestions?

  1. Hi there! You know I love your writing, but the theme doesn’t seem to suit your writing. Could be that I just don’t know you that well. (Smile. πŸ™‚ ) Something with a softer, less-mechanical palette would probably be more aligned with the writing that you do. Your writing itself isn’t soft, per se, just more humanist/ thought-provoking, and less sterile.

    Hope you understand what I mean.

    Keep writing about that which inspires you (your own truths and observations), and you’ll continue to do well. Oh boy, looks like I need to return to editing my next few articles.

    Be Well!


    • Thanks for taking the time to reply, SomerEmpress.

      I do understand what you’re trying to say and I could not agree more. My hunt for an apt theme continues. I shall definitely take your suggestions into consideration while looking for one now.
      As for the writing bit, I plan to continue writing about that which inspires me and also about the few issues people have suggested I should write about.

      Hope you are doing good πŸ™‚
      Wishes for a great day.
      Carpe Diem xx

    • Thank you so so much, Ms. Intuitive (can I refer to you as that?)
      Yes, I already have that award but its the thought that matters more than the real award. I am so glad to know that you deemed me worthy of it.

      Lots of warm love and good wishes your way.
      Hope you’re having a good week for yourself

      Carpe Diem. Xx

  2. For words to write about…. stick a pencil or pen, and a piece of paper in your pocket (shows my age, I guess… you could also make audio notes saved on your phone for the same effect..) As you go through your day, pick a number, and write, or record the word that is that number on whatever sign you see, or advertisement you read, or that you hear in conversation… by the end of just one day, you should have more than enough words, chosen at random by a random method, perfect to find something to write about…. works for me…….:-) And I agree with JB… this needs to highlight your inner self a bit more than this theme will do….. take care, & have fun in your searches….

    • Thanks for sharing this idea. πŸ™‚ I will definitely put it to practice.
      As for the theme, I continue to look and not find anything that is, well, me. Hope I stumble upon something apt really soon.

  3. On the challenge you set in the later part of this post – I’ll return to it: I need time to think.

    On the blog theme: I thought the original one was interesting but surprisingly twee girly, which didn’t really seem to be you. The new one looks puritanical, reductionist and strictly businesslike, which I fancy isn’t you either. What things are special to you, and make a good picture? A bit of colour is a good idea, but not so much it swamps the text.

    On the weekend: one of the weird things about being retired is that such distinctions lose their meaning, though I still tend to go out in the country the whole day Saturday, as if the only days I could do that were Saturday and Sunday and Sunday I have a religious meeting. I suppose it’s a bit like many non-Christian religious groups in Britain having their main day of worship on Sunday, not because it’s special to them, but because most people aren’t expected to work then.

    Nonelesss – as a birdwatcher I’ll be out looking for newly-arrived spring migrants. I’ll also be doing some work, as I may be retired, but I’ve just been engaged as a contractor on a piece of work I can do mainly by computer and phone. And you?

    • Please accept my apology for replying to this so very late. I was caught up in a lot of work and just could not manage to make any time for this blog.
      Hope the weekend went by just as you described it here in this comment.
      Why not click pictures of the spring migrants and share some joy with the bloggosphere?
      I, personally, would love to see them πŸ™‚

      My weekend was a blur. Very busy, very hurried. A big mess. I’ve described it in unnecessary detail on my latest post.

      Thanks for the suggestions. Will keep them in mind for the blog theme.
      Also, I’ll be waiting for your views on the challenge.

      Hope your week has been amazing so far and continues to be just that for the rest of the days.
      Carpe Diem.

  4. Not you at all. I would pick another theme altogether, but don’t go back to the old theme you had before this new one either.

    Lets see how vivid your imagination is. I am curious to see how you handle this project. πŸ˜‰

      • My suggestion for a theme would be one that reflects your inner beauty, as well as your stunningly gorgeous outer beauty. One that makes me smile when I visit like your smile does when I see it.

        5 keywords…..Fashion. Current issues in India. Family. Music. Your goals.

        Hope that helps….I don’t know what you want your theme to do on the technical side because some themes do different things.

        How is my gorgeous friend from “over there” doing? (that would be you) πŸ˜‰

      • Okay πŸ™‚ Point taken. I shall re-launch my mission to look for a perfect theme again tomorrow morning.

        And thanks for the 5 words πŸ™‚ I will certainly try to do my best with them (very soon)

        And your gorgeous friend from over here is doing good πŸ˜€
        how have you been?

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