“Love that imperfect person…

Because, He is perfect for you”


I have not scribbled a word or rhymed a line all week. Personal turmoil and professional pressures are my excuse for this sudden absence. My apologies to the handful of wonderful people who actually take the time to read this blog and look forward to my posts. Now, I am back and I am back here to stay.
For being the supportive and loving people that you are, the least I can do is fix you an explanation. So here goes,
I had an exam on the 1st of this month, yes, on a Sunday. Evidently, my entire weekend was consumed in revising the syllabi and preparing myself for this exam the best I could. When D-day did come, a stroke of bad luck tagged along. From burning my tongue with hot coffee to risking any chances of qualifying this exam because of a silly mistake. Everything thing that could possibly go wrong, did so indeed.
By the time the I left the examination centre my spirits were so down I could lower them into a murky well and fetch myself a pail of obscurity, of non-existence or of death. To top that up, my parents decided to be their unreasonable best and pester me incessantly about the result of the said exam. Just when I was up to my neck in anger, frustration, remorse, guilt, tears and sweat (yes, the summer is here in India) someone I look upto for advice, help, love and support decided to provide none of it. Instead, we faught. Verbal fighting, ofcourse. The entire day we called eachother rude names and brawled like a set of 5 year olds would over a new toy that they end up breaking.
And that made me realise how much time can change about people. Not essentially who they are. But what you want them to be. The things I used to love about this someone at one point in time are the things I now detest. They distance me from him to a point of no return. What scares me is, someday I’ll wake up to a world where he does not feature as an important person in my life anymore. A world where those minor lapses in communication have created such a big vent that its difficult to cross over. A world where I’ve been walking away for so long that I can not trace my footsteps back home, to him.
And even the thought of it truly scares me. That itself is an indication that I have some residual love for him and there still is hope for our relationship. So I will make sure I cling onto the last bare threads holding up our friendship. I will not let go.

Which brings me to the thought this post started with. This was a status message I had put on my facebook page and someone thought it should be shared on my blog as a post.

“It is very easy to love the thought of a person or the way you fantasied them to be but equally difficult to love the real deal sans a constant effort to change it for the better; to love that petty person with his own insecurities, flaws, shortcomings and peculiarities. But the fact that they love you back inspite of your insecurities, flaws, shortcomings and peculiarities should be reason enough to continue loving them”

Have you ever been in a similar spot? Would you give a love or a friendship that is fading to a dull shade of over-fimilarity another splash of colorful hope and life? Or would you let things take their own course?
A river to run dry for precious stones to reveal?
What would it be?



6 thoughts on ““Love that imperfect person…

    • What was the last chapter in Tuesdays With Moorie? The Last Class?

      And thanks. This quote was written in context with the on going “problems” concerning you-know-who. This whole post was, actually.

  1. So sorry for your sadness and confusion right now. I hope that your test went well–they often go better than we expect. As for your relationship, I hope you know that you deserve someone you can count on, and you deserve to be loved. I am wishing you comfort and strength and peace.

    • Thanks for the good wishes, Naomi 🙂
      A whole lot of love and warmth to you.

      This particular person does give me all the love, care and respect I deserve but there are times when we just can not keep up with eachother. Just the one odd incident where he fails to be there for me because of his own share of worries. I am sure there are times when he feels the same way about me. Its equal parts both peoples fault, I’d say.
      I guess evolving with time and with each other is the only way out of this otherwise dead end.
      Reminds me of a quote
      “Love is like a shark. It has to keep moving or it sinks. And then, it dies.”

      Hope you have a great week ahead.
      Carpe Diem.

  2. Life is funny… I was just discussing this very idea with an old friend (we’ve been friends for over 50 years) earlier today, and he asked me much the same question about the woman to whom I was married for 23 years, the mother of my son and daughter, who left me, and our family, to follow her own path, saying she no longer wished to stay….

    I told him, that, first, I had never given up on our marriage, though she made every effort to turn my love away the last few years, and that I never stopped feeling the same as I had when we married, when I vowed to love her more each day that passed. I kept that vow, and continue to do so.

    But, I also realize that the woman I love no longer exists in reality; she chose to become someone else. But I will always love the woman with whom I hoped to spend my life. It doesn’t preclude me ever loving again, it merely holds some sad memories for me on our anniversary date.

    It’s best to remember that we can only make changes in ourselves, and we can’t make others feel the way we’d like them to, even if we love them. Allowing what will be to be is the only way to learn to accept what is, and be content with that….

    Blessed Be…and good luck in your relationship, and on the test (& tell the parents to ease up a little….)

    • Its sad to hear about your seperation. I guess life has its own way. As I type this reply so many people all over the world are falling in and out of love. Like you said, Life indeed is funny.
      Thanks for sharing your insight. Submission to destiny does make sense. If it comes to this, I will let go.

      Thanks for the good wishes 🙂
      Hope you are doing well. Have a wonderful day ahead.
      Carpe Diem.

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