For those of you who did not follow our blog back when this was posted.

The Poetically Incorrect.

What of Destiny?

Were you not planning to offer me your seat on the train I missed helping the old man with directions?
And I was sure we’d meet at the Seven Sisters concert that I bunked to stay cooped up in my room filled with the scent of someone who hasnt been here..all alone but for Sinatra to take me all the way to Paaradise.
Didn’t we cross eachother on the subway just yesterday? But you were with your brigade of friends and I was in the middle of a bad, bad hair day.
Or the week before when you were too preoccupied passionately discussing politics for tea in the cafeteria and me, wrinkling my nose up another sneeze.
I’d bet you frequent that chicken corner we dont eat at. My roommate is Vegan.
When it rained and I wouldn’t dare walk out sans an umbrella. You were waiting…

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5 thoughts on “

    • So so glad to hear from you, Jueseppi. My suspicion that you were mad at me was almost bordering at a firm belief when you posted this comment. Thanks for letting me know you’re still with me 🙂

      I have missed you too. Been caught up with too much lifesphere drama to have a significant presence here at the bloggersphere. Will try to be more regular now.

      Hope you have a nice day ahead.

      • Why on earth would I be mad at such essence of grace and beauty as you Ms. Galaxy?? I have not heard from you in weeks. Have not even gotten any notification you were posting until this one this morning. I hope you are well and enjoying life over there.

        If you have been posting and WordPress has not been notifying me, I WILL be pissed at WordPress.

        I have missed your smile.

        • I think WordPress is to blame, indeed. I have been writing a few posts here and there..not with the best frequency, of course but a considerable number to pop up in your notifications now and then.
          Anyhow, I am glad you’re back on board now 😀
          Take care

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