Midnight Musing

I am not supposed to be writing this or thinking about it. I should be sleeping. Dreaming up new dreamy concoctions. Living my many parallel, fictional lives. Stretching out on this cool, breezy veranda as all the stress and anxiety of an ironically uneventful day ebbs away from my body. But here I am. Body and mind- thinking, stressing, being anxious.

And my heart? That’s somewhere else. In some far foreign land that my mind and body have not had the time to explore and to demean forever. She is meeting new people, turning new stones over and over again in her hand till they become smooth, making her own path where the grass is yet green. She is living the life I never had. She is still crying over the death of a stranger she has only imagined to resemble a scorned lover without much basis. She is still clinging on to the hope that another day will bring news of this attractive stranger finding his love and of their story ending like all others do, Happily. She is still not ready to dig her unkempt hair out of the many letters and verses and rhymes that are caught up in it. Just like her disheveled self is not ready to cross over the parapet of this pool of absurdity to dive into the bone chilling, but quite necessary reality.

My heart, is still pressed between the pages of some book lying neglected somewhere in the clutter my body and mind have managed to ever so skillfully procure. It is drying away its tears and drowning out its importunate laughter. In a last sigh dragged far too long, it is trying to find a medicine for both the heartache and the happiness that these dog eared, coffee stained pages have brought upon it.

And soon, it shall join us again. On our mindless touristic peregrination. Only till I send it off, again. On the real journey whose path stretches across the length and breadth of this book rack. and another. and another. and another.


8 thoughts on “Midnight Musing

  1. Wow, you have given me the incentive to put pen to paper once again (actually, pencil to paper as I still rely pretty heavily on that eraser) and renew my acquaintanceship with the english language. Or at least those parts of it that I remember. I loved your Midnight Musing and plan on reading more. Thank you for sharing your thoughts so eloquently.

    • You will never know how big a compliment that is to me. It feels nothing short of amazing to know that I have inspired someone to create art. What a beautiful feeling indeed! 🙂
      I have a feeling I will be going gaga over this comment for a long long time to come.
      Thanks for appreciating my rather edgy and rough write after this long hiatus.
      Looking forward to your posts.
      Hope you have a great day ahead.
      Carpe Diem!

  2. as your candle grows smaller and smaller – it is time to dream. enjoyed your midnight musing…

    david in Maine USA

  3. it was told, by an author whom I forgot her name, but I know it is she, that life is too short to live only once. therefore, I relive my life each time i write.
    writing and reading is a luxury and guilt-free activity in young age. enjoy, re-enjoy and re-re-enjoy it.

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