A 19 year old writes Poetry, Prose and about everything in between that sums up Life.

A medical graduate, a voracious reader, animal lover, foodie, poet, dancer, designer, debator, tree hugger and an advocate for decentralization of power… The list of things I do and want to continue doing is endless. You may think I am a jack of all trades and master of none and you would be right. But I like to think that I am a master at being a jack of all trades.
That will tell you what this blog is not about, a single focal point. What is it about? You’ll have to read to find out 🙂

Hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

Like I always say,
Carpe Diem.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. wow! i really like what you have turned your blog into, your work is amazing, intriguing and very informative. I’m glad for this connection so far. looking forward to reading more of your work.

    • Thanks 🙂 I am glad you found my blog informative and intriguing.

      This connection is a two way benefit deal 🙂 I am happy to be connected to you as well. Looking forward to more interaction with you.

      Have a good day ahead.
      Carpe Diem.

  2. A figment? Perhaps. A truth overlooked or mistaken is also possible. You can’t know what you are until you know what you are not. That’s what experience is for, but I won’t intrude.

    • Perhaps, You’re right. I am just not sure that any real person in our times can be as free and at the same time rooted as the Gypsy Girl.
      And your comments are not an intrusion! It is always good to add another dimension to your perceptive and your comments help me do just that

    • Hello, Mark.
      Truer words never spoken. One day at a time, we can do anything we want to.
      Thanks for stopping by to read the blog 🙂

      Wishes for a good day.

      PS: The Gypsy Girl is just a figment of my imagination. I am nothing like her. I wish I were, though. How amazing would it be to be wind that can not be caged down by chains of materialist ideas.

  3. Hey….
    I was just going through your blog and i found it to be quite interesting.
    I’ve always had this dream of changing the society, don’t know how am i going to do it but i firmly believe in, “be the change you want to be”.
    I have this serious passion for writing.
    May i know who you are? And other details? Actually, i found you to be quite like-minded and just wanted to have an interaction, maybe it would help to fulfill my dreams.
    Waiting for your reply! 🙂

    • Hello, Sakshi. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by to read my blog. I am glad you liked it. My name is Aakanksha. I live in Delhi and am working towards being a doctor. I enjoy writing, debating and having my own opinion about everything under the sun. I am not sure if I am the right person to help you out with finding your own way to follow up your dream but its a very noble thought and I am sure you will find an equally noble way of going about it. As for interacting and finding common base, you are most welcome to drop in a message here or on my email id (akankshasingh13@gmail.com) anytime you feel like talking 🙂

      And remember to follow the blog if you want to receive email updates of new posts.

      Take care. Wishes for a good day.

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