The Reader Appreciation Award

Thanks, Jueseppi.

When my dearest friend and most appreciative reader Mr Jueseppi B. nominated me for The Reader Appreciation Award, I instantly jumped to Cloud Nine and as is evident from my activity levels on WordPress, I decided to stay there for a quite some time. 😛
While THAT is not a plausible excuse for my absence, it certainly is the truth. My gratitude to Jueseppi is not exclusive to this award. He has been an inspiration and a guide when it comes to blogging. For that and so much more, I can never thank him enough.
He writes at the amazing blog “TheObamaCrat.Com“. All his posts are very informative and well scripted. I doubt another person could speak so powerfully for and about American Politics. His blog is right at the top of my recommended blogs list. Do check it out.

Now, as is with every blog award, there are some rules I must follow.

The rules are:

1. List six nominations
2. Link the Award Image back to the one who presented it to you.

This is the first time I am taking up the tough task of Nomination six wonderful people who in my opinion deserve this award. Though I believe that I am no authority on poetry or prose or anything anybody writes. I mean,who am I to judge a work of art, right? But I do understand the thought behind awards. It is not to judge but to appreciate and encourage fellow bloggers to (as my friend puts it) “keep the good stuff coming”.

Here goes my list of Six truly deserving nominees for this award:
1. SimonWorlds13

“I write poetry and am in the middle of writing a fantasy novel. I’m English (with a bit of Welsh), live in Essex on the East coast of England”

2. The Fortress Of Solitude 

“History, War, Literature, Me”

3. Purvi’s Purple Petals 

“I am a compulsive writer. Also interested in random arts and crafts. Being a poet, a writer, a master of narration, a wizard of words is one of the best endowments a person can be bestowed with.

This blog is a chronicle of my adventures, both current and past along with socio-cultural commentary and stories on personal activities as well as those that in some way left their impression on me. ”

4. Lizardology 

“Liz is an English Literature undergraduate at The University of Winchester in Hampshire, England. She is an avid fan of poetry, literature and video games and spends her time between the two and working a part time job at The-Supermarket-Which-Shall-Not-Be-Named.
Lizardology is my little corner on the internet where I post the poetry I have written at random intervals. I also occasionally write fiction and prose – depending on where the mood takes me, as well as posting the odd article or more traditional ‘blog’ post.”

5. Perplexing Thoughts

“This, for me, is where I can simply vent my thoughts and from time to time publish my endeavors in poetry and philosophy.
Everything is written in memory of the four persons I admire the most: Don Quijote de La Mancha, Giacomo Girolamo Casanova de Seingalt, Plato and Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac.”

6. imbrocata 

” Atheism, Christianity and a few things in between!
My life has been as interesting, more or less,as your own and I hope to relate to you on matters both personal and mundane regarding what my life has taught and is teaching me.   My specific story is one of deep faith in my youth and the complete lack thereof in these later days.   It is my hope to explain how and why my journey has moved me to where I am today and to discuss through the medium of current events (as well as past events) who I am and what I believe.”

Applause Please.

Congratulations, you all. Trust me, you deserve every ounce of appreciation that I send along with this award. May your pen continue to speak louder than any sword ever did. “KEEP THE GOOD STUFF COMING” 😀

To all my lovely friends reading this, do take a second to visit the afore-nominated blogs. I am sure your presence would make a sea of difference to them as it does to me.
Thanks to you for being the great “blog-family” that you are.


Thank You 🙂

Keep Spreading the love ❤
Carpe Diem.

The 7×7 Link Award: My 4th

My friend Mr. Jueseppi B. at The ObamaCrat.Com has nominated me for…

(Drumroll here :D)
The 7*7 Link Award

He is an amazing person and has a very interesting& informative blog at
I recommend his blog to all of you. Do check it out 🙂
Thanks, Juessepi. You know how much I appreciate your kind gestures.

To accept the nomination, after thanking the person who gave it to you, you must tell something about yourself no one else knows.  So here you go…

I have asthma and severe pollen, dust and smoke allergy but my father has been a chain smoker for as long as I can remember. It is strange but true that I am not affected if he smokes around me but otherwise, even someone dusting off their clothes gives me a sneeze fit. I hope to find the reason behind this mystery someday but till then, I continue to be amazed and utterly surprised every time my father smokes away like a chimney in my presence.

Next, you have to choose seven of your posts that fit the criteria below…

Most Beautiful Piece
Gypsy Girl .

Most Helpful
2 Grams of Life and Mouthfuls Of Sunshine.

Most Popular Piece
The Great Indian Irony

Most Controversial Piece
How I lost my Virginity.
(I have to mention here.. A cousin I had not heard from in years-five, to be exact- called me to ask “what is up?” after seeing the post title flash on her Facebook newsfeeds)

Most Surprisingly Successful Piece
Have you Read a Book today?

Most Underrated Piece
Amicable Animosity.

Most Pride-worthy Piece
A letter to my ex.

I must now Nominate other people for this award but as of now I can not think of anyone I can nominate. Anybody that does come to my mind already has this Award or does not want it. But as and when I find deserving and eligible Bloggers, I promise to Nominate them for this Award.

And once again, A big thanks to all the people who have taken the time to read my blog and leave their invaluable comments and suggestions.

The Best of wishes to all of you.
Keep Spreading the love ❤

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award: My 3rd

I joined WordPress on The 15th of March(yes, that is just 5 days back in time) and there hasn’t been a moment since when I have not been absolutely elated or overjoyed at worst. The reason behind my happiness comes in many names and forms but the same identity, The Blogging community which has been like a close knit and loving family providing a warm welcome to make a new member comfortable.
The fact that this is my 19th post and three out of the already diminutive number have been to acknowledge awards is a testimony to the same.

Mr. Jueseppi B. in particular has been very supportive and encouraging. Any amount of praises would still fall short of describing his impressive demeanor.
So let me say this for the umpteenth time this day- Thank you, monsieur.












When he told me there is a surprise in store for me this morning, I knew exactly what I could expect 😀

The Pleasant surprise and most recent reason behind my smile is….

Wait for it

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award 

Now I have to admit that I have certainly not inspired anyone to do/create/be anything yet. But this award comes from a person who inspires me immensely. And there was not a chance in the world I would it turn it down, more so when I was nominated for it by my most active reader and like I have already mentioned, someone who inspires me.

Thanks to all the lovely people who follow my blog for accepting me into your respective worlds. I am forever indebted to ya all. I send my love and good wishes your way, every minute.

Have a good day ahead.
Carpe Diem. 🙂

The NEW Blogger Award: My 1st

The Award 🙂

My gratitude goes out to Jueseppi B.  who nominated me for this Award which is now in its 4th edition.
I really appreciate it. Your thought of starting The NEW Blogger Award for first time, novice bloggers is very considerate . It gives exactly the kind of encouragement that keeps a person going.
My love goes out to you for not only being an amazing blogger but an equally amazing person. I recommend everyone follow his posts at

Sending all warm wishes your way

As for nominating new bloggers that I meet on my blogging journey who’re worthy of this award, I will do it as and when I discover interesting new blogs.

PS: This post got delayed because I update my blog using a mobile app and it froze when I tried submitting this earlier today morning. So I got my hands on a computer asap and re-posted this.

Keep spreading the love ❤

Carpe Diem

The Versatile Blogger: My 2nd

Many Thanks to silentlyheardonce for Nominating me for this Award.


Image from Here

She has an amazing Blog that you absolutely must check out.

And Taaadaaaa!
Here is the award.


Now There are some rules involved in it which I have to abide by

1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading.
4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

The Seven things a lot of people probably don’t know about me:

1. I still sleep with My Teddy Bear. The same one for the past 15 year *_*
2. I don’t have a passport. And this is not a joke. 😐
3. My birth name is Vaidehi (Another name for Goddess Sita) It got changed to Aakanksha (which means Inspiration) in a comedy of errors.
4. I have never used and never learned to use Photoshop.
5. I have been in and out of 7 relationships and am the best of friends with six of my ex-boyfriends.  The 7th can drop dead 😡
6. When I was 4 I used to tell random strangers on the road that my mother died in childbirth for their sympathy and attention. 😦 I still feel bad about it. But then again, I was 4.
7. I absolutely LOVE and appreciate receiving awards, comments and likes. I look forward to every single one of them.

Now it comes to passing on this award to 15 people and I hate to say this but I don’t have even one person in my knowledge who I can pass it on to. I am very new to wordpress (I joined on 5 days back!) and almost all bloggers I know already have this award. As and when I meet new people and discover new blogs I promise to pass this on to the ones worthy of it.

Thanks a pile to everyone who has stopped by to read my blog. Your likes, comments and visits make a sea of difference to me 🙂