How I lost my Virginity.

Good. Now that I have your complete attention let me get to the point of this post which has nothing to do with my virginity or any event even remotely related to it.
Let me see if you continue to read this with as much attention now that I have put all my cards on the table.

Human Beings.

We evolved into our present form after millions of years of energy expending, directional evolutionary process. It was not by chance that our common ancestor with the chimpanzee lost all his body hair in a forest fire. It was not a lucky fluke that we started walking erect. Our pollex or digitus primus (the opposable thumb on our forelimb) was not a chance modification. Our brain capacity did not increase overnight in a random fashion.
It was years and years and more years of genetic labor. Walking erect was essential to performing hunting functions so was the development of a pollex without which we could not have made and operated any tools.

Tribe Habit. Civilization. Hunting. Gathering. Creating. Changing. Evolving. Rejecting. Rebuilding. Instilling. Splicing. Agriculture. Social awareness. Lighting up a fire. Cooking. Covering up with animal hide. Caving.
An endless list of events that are responsible for our now advanced and sophisticated form.

98.9% of our DNA is the same as that of a Chimp.
That is how close we are.

We keep chimps in our fancy labs to study. They respond by putting up a show for a banana treat. We’ve created parthenocarpy varieties of banana. And the chimps put up a show for a banana treat.

That is how far we’ve come.

Such a waste of precious paleontological time if you ask me. All that time and natural resource could have been put to making more varieties of insects instead. Yes, that would certainly be the wise thing to do. Were I to re-write evolution, the story and the process, Human race would not exist.

There should be no place in the ecosystem for an organism that will not be called a predator but will hunt beings down and turn them into stylish handbags. Not even to eat them and survive. But to wear as an accessory! How is the bollworm wrong then if it eats cotton bolls to survive? But oh! We kill the bollworm by perforating its gut! Get that, PERFORATING ITS GUT. Making a million tiny holes in it so that the gut bursts and the little bollworm dies. We do not even have the excuse of survival. Just effortless and self-imposed superiority.

If you are going to argue that survival of the fittest is the nature’s law then stop and think. Are you really the fittest? You with your diseases and stresses and obsessions and complexes. Are you really even superior to the may fly that lives all for 24 hours but without questioning its superiority or imposing it on beings?
And what is fitness? Darwin thinks it is leaving behind more progeny. Reproductive fitness. The Rabbit beats you to it.
Is it being stronger? The sharks and tigers and snakes and elephants are.
Is it being self-sufficient? Only the plants are.
Is it being more intelligent? The banyan tree that has stood for a hundred years and the rivers that continue to flow after hundreds are.
Is it about standing the test of time? The algae have.

No, we are not the fittest and we should not survive.
We have turned millions of years of evolutionary process into war, destruction, hurt, deforestation, hatred, calamity, power hunger, control, demolition, annihilation, obliteration, devastation.

Zilch. Zero. Nada.
We began with nothing and we are making sure we end with it.

Don’t tell me I am a misanthrope. That is another word you have created because you think you are important enough to be hated. In its anticipation, you devised a word for it.
Don’t tell me I am a churl. I speak the truth. I will not try to please you because you  are not the god of all things to be pleased and buttered for favors.

You want to know what all those years of evolution have brought? Immediate attention and focus when you get the slightest hint that a person is going to reveal how they successfully mated for the first time. My virginity is more important to some people than the doom we’re diving head first into.
For your information, even our common ancestor with the chimp got excited about mating calls or any indication of them. We should have stopped right there.

Enough said.


The Voices in my Head

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The voices in my head
Are so loud today.
They’re screaming out to
The world and on their way
They’re infecting little corners
of my heart.
They’re defeating all emotion.
They’re tearing me apart.

And They’re casting
dark shadows,
that blind all my senses.
Their unperturbed flow,
Drowning all desires.

I run,
To a very silent place.
But the voices,
That does not erase.
I shut my eyes.
I hide my face.
But wherever I go
The voices chase,
After me.

I left them behind
a couple of times
Only to know better.
They’re still in my mind.

And now I think
They’ll burst out
Of my head.
And soak the entire
universe wet.
They just went
Silent instead.

Amiable Animosity.

Like the tip of a needle stained in blood houses a million units of life. Each unit so stable- unmoving – but so alive. Always in motion. Yet never letting surface the struggle of the positive and the negative within. Only peaceful coexistence for one to see. The opposites, the anti-forces forever trapped in such proximity. Yet never questioning their fate. Ceaselessly working to resort calm and order in all they are part of- The flowers your admirer sent you and the tears you wasted when young, first love walked out and left you a broken heart.
Born out of nothing and vanishing into thin air. Dying without as much as a sigh. They are everything and almost nothing in the same string of reason. They are the way she smells and the skin draped on her body like the most elegant, custom- made pashmina, priceless. They are the words you etch and the many questions unasked, just left unattended – floating in a myriad of other unfulfilled desires. They are the promises you made and the burning scars it stamped on the canvas of her memory. They are the unsettling eyes that haunt your every dream and the ring you slid on her finger – fake, like your many promises- not kept.

Sometimes, I wish we were the cell. You, the matter. I, the anti force. So close that we could be one. But far enough to not repel the other away. Opposites that do not attract. We would work together to never let our struggle be seen. Resolving all conflict without a ripple of disorder on the surface. Our bonds made of thoughts or just thin air. We’ll be in everything and in nothing. Uncared for, like the backbone of life. Taking each other for granted.

But were we to separate, if ever such occasion came..we will melt to nothing but set on fire the entire meaningless universe with us. Destroying, the way we created. Life, this is. Death, this is.